Data Protection Policy

Since you have completed and signed the registration form (hereinafter referred to only as the
“Form”) we would like to inform you that our agency Rex – patriate Production, s.r.o., Company reg.
No.: 27061272, with its registered office Praha 2, Vinohrady, Lublaňská 1015/13 (hereinafter referred
to only as the “Agency”) will process your personal data within the extent of the data you gave in the
Form, i.e. your name and surname, address, date of birth, nationality, e-mail address, mobile phone
number, birth certificate number, ID card number (passport, ID card), bank details and royalty, data
concerning your employment, profession or school/college you attend, data concerning the
languages you speak and personal traits – especially the colour of your hair and eyes, height, weight,
measurements, skills and abilities and also within the extent or in connection with the Form
completion and portrayals and records of your personality recorded and presented at castings
(hereinafter referred to only as the “Personal Data”).
(i) The Agency processes your Personal Data based on your free and conscious consent to the
processing of your Personal Data expressed in the below given written form.
(ii) The Agency processes your Personal Data for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations towards
you, especially for the purpose of keeping the records of your person in the files of applicants
for actor’s cast of the cast of the extras and arranging opportunities to enter into contract by
and between you and third entity the subject-matter of which is usually actor’s cast of the cast
of the extras.
(iii) Providing your Personal Data is a necessary contractual term and without providing them the
Agency cannot provide its services.
(iv) Personal Data shall be stored by the Agency in electronic form in a secured electronic
repository of the Agency and in the form of printed Forms. Access to the Personal Data on
behalf of the Agency shall be enabled only to the persons contributing directly to the purpose
of their processing.
(v) In connection with the processing of your Personal Data you have the right:
a) to request information about your Personal Data and access to them;
b) to request explanation, blocking, restriction of processing of your Personal Data, to have
your Personal Data completed, rectified and erased;
c) to request transfer of your Personal Data in a structured and machine-readable form
either to you or to another controller;
d) to withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data.
(vi) If you believe that during the processing of your Personal Data any legal regulations have been
violated, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body. For the territory of
the Czech Republic such supervisory body is the Office for Personal Data protection.
(vii) Your Personal Data will be processed without any processing period specified; however, the
processing will not exceed the moment when you express your will towards the Agency not to
be registered with the Agency and/or until you withdraw your consent.
(viii) You are entitled to exercise all your rights and requests by e-mail at or by mail at the Agency registered office address.
(ix) Your Personal Data can be transferred to persons who can have pertinent interest in discussing
actor’s cast or the cast of the extras with you (hereinafter referred to only as the “Recipients”).
The Agency shall ensure that the Recipients are bound to sufficiently protect the Personal
data, to maintain confidentiality concerning the Personal Data and they do not transfer the
Personal Data.
(x) The Agency can also transfer the Personal data to the Recipients abroad; however, only to the
European Economic Area, Switzerland, Canada and the United States of America (in the case of
the USA only to the Recipients that have joined the “Privacy Shield” program). In the case of
any potential transfer of your Personal data to the Recipients in the USA that have not joined
the “Privacy Shield” program and the recipients in other countries the Agency will apply some

of the tools which guarantee that the personal data protection standards are maintained in
compliance with the regulation on the protection of personal data.
(xi) The Agency can process the Personal Data using software tools including profiling exclusively in
order to attain the purpose for which the Personal Data are collected in a more efficient
(xii) The Agency guarantees that:
a) the Personal Data are processed only to the extent strictly necessary in order to reach
the aforesaid purposes;
b) it safeguards the Personal Data to prevent abuse or unlawful disclosure or other
unauthorized handling of the Data and ensure that the processing of Personal Data is in
compliance with the legal regulations applicable in the Czech Republic;
c) it will handle all your requests related to the processing of Personal Data duly and in
d) it will not disclose the Personal Data to any third parties with the exception of the
Recipients, cases of selling the business (company) of the Agency or its part and cases
when the duty to disclose is required by law.

If any changes in your Personal Data occur, please notify the Agency without undue delay.

In _________ on ________


Signature of the data subject or his/her statutory representative

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