By March 25, 2010Blog

Thanks Terri Freedman for her – so bad it’s good- BAD AUDITION VIDEO.

Thanks Terri, for demonstrating one of the no-no’s at a casting; she makes excuses in advance for her upcoming bad audition. She uses the excuse that casters hate most of all. “I just got the sides.” Well if you just got them, then so did everyone else probably. Deal with it.
When she introduces herself, I kind of like her saying that she’ll be the best one. It’s cute, and I’ll remember her.
Even if you just got the sides, please take a breath, and use your sight reading strategies. Put your thumb on the page, read the line, then give it to the reader with your eyes. She’s got her eyes (her best tool as a screen actor) buried in the script.
The biggest mistake after that is making the caster start again. Please wait until we say cut. This audition will never be seen by the director- if not for any other reason, it will be a pain to edit.
Thanks so much Terri for showing us how NOT to audition. You’ll see from her IMDB site that she’s done plenty of good auditions: