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The Edinburgh Film Festival presents top castings directors and talent agents on a panel to discuss topics of interest to actors. This two hour symposium will include one hour, moderated by Nancy Bishop, in which panelists John & Ros Hubbard, Maureen Duff, Priscilla John, Maryam Hunwich and Derek Power will discuss:

– How actors can establish a relationship with an agent and casting directors
– What are casting directors looking for in actors
– How actors can best promote themselves
– What are the possibilities for Scottish actors to reach beyond the Scottish, and UK market
– What is the process for actors to pursue work in the US
This will be followed by a one hour questions and answer session, in which participants can directly address the panel.
When: Friday,  20 June, 2008
Time: 3.00
Where: The Traverse Theatre, 10 Cambridge St, EH1 2ED
Cost: 5 GBP
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About the panelists
Moderator: NANCY BISHOP, CSA, is an Emmy award nominated casting director. An American, working from Prague, she has cast over fifty projects. Her credits include, Prince Caspian, Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist, and she is currently working on GI JOE for Paramount.
MAUREEN DUFF was born in Glasgow, but has been working in London for many years. Her projects include, The Flying Scotsman, X-men, Still Crazy, The Beach, and Richard Attenborough’s Closing the Ring. 
JOHN and ROS HUBBARD are well renowned casting directors in London who have been casting in England, Ireland, Scotland (where they cast Taggart) and around the world for twenty-five years. Their work includes Evita, Bourne Ultamatum, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. 
MARYAM HUNWICK has established an excellent reputation for her talent agency, Hunwick Hughes (formerely 41 Management) in Edinburgh, for guiding the careers of award winning stage and screen artists, including Kate Dickie, Martin Compston, and Kathleen McDermott. 
PRISCILLA JOHN is a well established casting director in London. Her prolific career includes Jewel in the Crown, Coronation Street, Saving Private Ryan, Amistad and About a Boy. 
DEREK POWER is a Hollywood based talent agent who often represents Eurocentric talent. Among many he has helped guide are Sir Ben Kingsley, Greata Scacchi, Robert Dornhelm, and now Graham McTavish, a Scottish actor who recently starred opposite Sylvester Stallone in the return of Rambo