Casting Symposium, Scotland

By June 23, 2008Blog

Casting Panelists (from left) Priscilla John (Casting Director, London), Maureen Duff (Casting Director, London), Derek Power (Talent Manger, LA), Nancy Bishop (Casting Director, Prague), John Hubbard, (Casting Director, London), Maryam Hunwick (Agent, Edinburgh). Leading professionals met at the Edinburgh Film festival to discuss topics of interest to actors. Photos are thanks to actor, James Watson. 

I was really pleased with how positive and encouraging the panel was. And thanks to all those you turned up (I think we had more than 200 people in attendance, including directors and producers.) I’ve already received thank you emails from actors from as far as Belgium, London and Dublin, who flew in for the event.  I will provide a FULL TRANSCRIPT OF THIS EVENT ON THIS BLOG as soon as I have time to transcribe it. So stay tuned for valuable advice. This will include a copy of the “01 Visa” which are the work requirements for European actors who want to gain work permission in the US (provided by Derek Power.)

Priscilla and Maureen. 
Nancy and John.
John and Maryam. 
Maureen, Derek, Nancy.
Derek, Nancy, John.
The audience of actors, producers, directors.