Paris Class

By April 22, 2008Blog

OK so I’ll keep the casting career. Don’t think I’d succeed as a photographer. 

Thanks so my French class! Pictured here are Rosy, who organized the class, with actors JJ, Vincent, Irene, James, Jess, Veronique, Ynda, Pierre, Jean-Christophe, Pelina, Sarah, Tiara, Judith, and Celandine. (Etienne not pictured)

I really enjoyed the class and want to congratulate everyone for taking risks. I saw a lot of improvement from everyone. Thanks to James and Irene for setting an example and performing one of the edgiest versions of the Mirrors, Amy+Ben scene that I’ve seen. They both took lots of risks and invested plenty of energy with winning results. I think that Judith gets the biggest improvement award. What guts she has to start a new career late in life, and she went from pulling faces for camera on the first day to an honest dramatic performance of Edith Frank for her last scene. 
Thanks again to all and stay in touch!