Robbie Kay and Fugitive Pieces

By May 10, 2008Blog

Here’s ROBBIE KAY in FUGITIVE PIECES, (directed by Jeremy Podeswa) which just opened in the US. I’m really proud of Robbie, because not only did I cast him in it, but he was my student. Production hired me to coach him since he had so little experience at the time, and he ended up putting out a superb performance! According to Peter Howell at, “the grandest laurels must be reserved for Robbie Kay, who plays Jakob as a young boy. Relatively new to acting , he invests the role with an intensity of purpose not often seen in an actor of so few years.” Howard Schumann in International Entertainment, claims that “Robbie Kay turns in one of the best child performances I have seen in years.” Congratulations Robbie!
Robbie went on to further performances, after picking up a London agent, Kate Buckley. Here’s a preview of Robbie in the upcoming Hallmark production of Pinnocchio with Bob Hoskins.