Casting Announcement

By April 23, 2008Blog

Feature Film: Hilde

Director: Kai Wessell
Producers: Judy Tossell, Jens Meurer, Egoli Tossell Film
Starring: Heike Makatsch
Shooting: Late June – August, 2008 in Germany
More info:
Synopsis: Hildegard Knef was a sinner and a singer, a movie star in Hollywood, and a hit on Broadway. She loved a Nazi and married a Jew. She fought in the ruins of World War II Berlin, but felt at home on park Avenue. Both adored and despised by the German public, her autobiogrpahy was a No. 1 bestseller. Her concerts were legendary. She was a German icon. This is her life. 
Casting LEADING MALE CHARACTER, KURT HIRSCH. Age 30-40. He should speak German for most of the film, but audition may be conducted in English. According to Hilde, “he was a Czech Jew, born in Teplitz-Schnonau and grew up in Prague. When he was fourteen years old his parents escaped with him to New York, he became an American citizen, landed with paratroops in France and in the end he came to Germany and Berlin. He had a sweet tempered teddy bear face, liked to laugh, could easily fly into a passion, was young and uncomplicated.”
ANTON LITVAK: 45-50, Distinguished, attractive director. Will speak German or English with a Slavic ccent. He lived 1902-1974, and was a Jewish, Ukrainian-born international filmmaker who wrote, directed, and produced films in a variety of countries and languages. 
If you are interested in auditioning, please send your photo and CV to: